An Unusual Suitor

The poem, “The Suitor” by Linda Pastan, was a very meaningful one. It showed the perspective of one of the suitors of Penelope. It had a lot of wonderful lines that had a strong meaning. The painting that came with it also had a great impact, together with the poem.

The poem shows the suitors, who are trying to court Penelope, in the house of Odysseus. They are eating up his possessions and spending their time there as they wait for Penelope’s answer. For me, there is a gloomy mood in the poem due to the lines, “There is always a story that no one bothers to tell.” and “He almost knows it must end badly, though his will be a minor tributary in that unplumbed sea of wasted blood.” The two lines show that the mood is gloomy because a story that no one bothers to tell must be either a waste of time or a sad one. Another reason is because the second line shows that it will result in a sad ending for the persona.

The lines “He almost knows it must end badly, though his will be a minor tributary in that unplumbed sea of wasted blood.” mean that the persona will be rejected, but since there were so many suitors that were also rejected, his being rejected is just a small thing. This line struck me the most in this poem since it shows me that the persona is already accepting that he will not be able to marry Penelope. It also lets me know that there were a vast number of suitors that wanted Penelope to be their bride. The poem depicts the persona as a young man. He is very shy, but he tries to talk with other people. He is accepting and knows when to give up.

The picture truly justifies the poem. The men who are trying to go near the woman in the middle show the suitors who are trying to get near Penelope. The line “among the boisterous men,” shows this. The weaving that the woman in the middle is doing show the weaving that Penelope does. The line “those pale arms, that hair a web she might have woven around her own head.” proves this.

Both the poem and the picture had a great impact to me. It was a good way to show the first book of the Odyssey in another perspective.

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2 Responses to An Unusual Suitor

  1. pgozali12 says:

    Hey Paul! This piece was alright but just try not to stick to the guide questions to much. The blog becomes too technical.

  2. cedchan12 says:

    Overall a good blog, it is detailed, and also has different “proofs” (or “tekstong patunay” in Filipino).

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